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                        Vacuum furnace
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                        Influence on temperature output of vacuum furnace

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                        According to the distribution equation of temperature field, the distribution of the whole temperature field of the internal heated vacuum smelting furnace mainly depends on several constraints. That is, the uniform thermal conductivity of the data, the uniform density p of the data and the uniform specific heat fusion C.. The factors that affect the temperature transfer from the vacuum furnace to the outside include the following three points: ① the intensity of the heat element in the furnace, in this planning, the internal heat source mode is the first choice. The internal heat source is heated and the temperature is transferred from inside to outside. Its strength directly affects the temperature distribution in the furnace. It can be seen from formula (5) that when the internal heat source roars higher, the higher the temperature of a certain point is, the larger the distribution area (R) of a certain temperature difference (△ T) is. Therefore, in the practical production process, the temperature distribution in the furnace can be controlled by the external load of the furnace core, that is, the power of the furnace core. ② the interval between the reverberant material and the furnace core (△ R), when the power of the furnace core must be punctual, that is, the strength of the internal heat source must be punctual, the farther away the reverberant material is from the furnace core, the lower the temperature is, and the temperature required for the reverberation cannot be reached. The closer the interval core is, the higher the temperature is, and the more favorable the reverberation is. ③ the better the heat dissipation function of the charge is, the faster the internal heat is lost outwards, and the heat is easily lost outside the reverberant material, resulting in the temperature drop at a certain point. However, if the heat dissipation function of the reverberant is not good, it is conducive to the heat convergence, making the heat transfer out longer, conducive to the absorption and response of the reverberant to the heat, and improving the temperature that must be fixed. It should be carried out under the condition of high vacuum (4-13pa). The reverberation temperature is about 1200 ℃, and the core temperature can reach the required value quickly. Therefore, the length of the reverberation time depends on the thickness of the reverberant, i.e. the interval between the reverberant outside the furnace core and the insulating layer of the furnace body. Be able to control the power supply time at the planned furnace scale.

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